Monarch Group Executive Chairman Iain Rawlinson launches renewed focus on superior customer service in key note Aviation Club speech


The Monarch Group isinvesting heavily in new staff training and new aircraft to re-invigorate its commitment to superior customer service, its executive chairman has said.

In a speech to the UK Aviation Club, Mr Rawlinson highlighted the Group’s pledge which will see all Monarch employees participate in an Olympics-inspired training programme to enhance customer service.The Group, which has always placed great importance on strong customer service borne from its tour operating origins, continues to lead the industry with its innovations in this field.

He also outlined plans for an extensive fleet renewal programme, intended to deliver 60 brand new aircraft to replace some existing aircraft and more than double its existing fleet by 2020. The Group is currently in the final stages of a tender process with Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier to re-equip its short-haul fleet, delivering what could be theEurope’s youngest fleet by 2021 with an average age of 3 years.

Commenting on the increased emphasis on customer service by other operators in recent days, Iain Rawlinson, Executive Chairman, TheMonarch Group, said:

“It is good to see other travel groups following Monarch’s lead on customer service. For over 50 years Monarch has believed that customers should feel that, after safety,their comfort is our first priority. This is why we have begun a programme to have all of our 3,000 employees undergo the Olympics-inspired WorldHosttraining programme that was used to train volunteers forthe London 2012 Olympics.

“Our industry should be one where customers are valued and have choice. It should be an industry which it is respected, safe, offers true value and where customers come first.Customers do not return if they’re treated as second class citizens.”

Monarch’s leadership on this issue comes at a time when customers increasingly feel that travel companies do not deliver a satisfactory level of service. It aims to build upon the service ethos that has been at the heart of the travel groupfor decades, through continued investment toenhance the customer experience through technology, new aircraft and increased comfort.

Says Mr Rawlinson:

“Our values revolve round the customer always coming first. We may have been modest in talking about it at Monarch but our renewed emphasis on this goal, across all our businesses, is quite deliberate. We see this as merely taking the DNA of the Monarch Group and putting it on show. It is part of a strategy where customers are valued and have choice, are respected, safe, offered true value and where customers come first.”

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