The Monarch Foundation


The Monarch Foundation brings together the incredible generosity of our passengers and employees to make a strong and positive commitment to a range of charities.

Its aim is to achieve more effective co-ordination of the charitable activity that is undertaken by the Group and in the Group’s name, and to make a stronger commitment to a wider range of charities.

Last year the Foundation raised over £400,000 for its charity partners - thanks to our customers and our staff we’re able to make a difference to the lives of all sorts of people.

Our causes

The Foundation focusses its efforts on four main areas of charitable engagement:

Health and well-being
Children and young people
Environment and sustainability
Injured military service people and their families

The Monarch Foundation conducts its work through a Charities Group which is chaired by Pauline Prow, Chief People Officer and is currently an ambassadorial and communications entity for the Group’s charitable activities.

The Monarch Foundation operates on an annual cycle from 1st May to 30 April.

Meet our charity partners

In addition to its partnership with Pennies, the digital charity box, The Monarch Foundation supports four charity partners: Macmillan Cancer Support, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity, Just a Drop and Blind Veterans UK.


How we support our charity partners

The Monarch Foundation is supporting these charities by using a range of resources at the disposal of The Monarch Group:

Money and financial support
Skills transfer
Benefits in kind
Networking through a Charities Forum

Employee engagement

The Group's employees are encouraged to continue their engagement with the wider charitable sector and in 2016 a limited number of 'Matching Grants' of up to £1,000 are available to our employees where there is a direct and relevant association with the five charitable causes mandated by The Monarch Foundation. These activities additionally benefit from promotion across the Group's internal communications channels.

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