Safety and Security

Safety is our priority

As a leading provider of airline capacity and aircraft engineering, our primary objective is the maintenance of the highest possible levels of operational safety. We believe it is essential that our customers have absolute confidence in their safety when they choose to fly with Monarch Airlines.

Safety considerations will always take precedence over other aspects of Monarch Airline’s business. Awareness and diligence by every member of staff is encouraged to ensure maintenance of the required standards. Monarch is committed to a process of continuous review and improvement of our methods of management, aircraft maintenance and operation. In this way, we will ensure that the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance are consistently achieved.

All members of staff, at every level, carry a responsibility for ensuring that the trust our customers place in us is justified.

Monarch gives the highest priority to the safety of its passengers. We are regulated by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) which issues our Air Operator's Certificate (AOC).

Aircraft and regulations — European Joint Aviation Regulations

The UK airline industry has moved in recent years to the European Joint Aviation Regulations standards (JAR-OPS). Monarch was one of the first airlines to be issued with a JAR-OPS Air Operators Certificate in November 1997. As part of JAR-OPS, Monarch was one of the first airlines to introduce a Flight Operations Quality System which ensures the maintenance of the highest operational safety standards.