Corporate Responsibility

Our Goals

The Monarch Group is fully committed to its Corporate Responsibility programme.

This is the way we work together with our communities, people and industry to make a positive difference and be a force for good.

We want to make lives better for our teams and communities through our learning and development initiatives and our community programmes.

We recognise that our customers care and we too want to make a difference by offering trusted products and informed decisions.

Our objective is the maintenance of the highest possible levels of operational safety and at every level our responsibility is to ensure that the trust our customers place in us is justified.

We take our environmental impacts seriously and take care of our business by managing the resources we use effectively.

Our Priorities

The Monarch Foundation

As a large industrial concern we recognise that we can make a positive difference and be a force for good in all of our communities and beyond. The Monarch Foundation is an emerging and important initiative within our Group which is elevating our charitable commitment and engagement. Find out more about The Monarch Foundation


Our leading scheduled leisure scheduled airline has an annual capacity of some seven million sector seats. We regard it as essential that our customers have absolute confidence in their safety when they choose to fly with us.
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Our people make a difference. Our focus is to find the best talent, to give them the opportunity to develop and to keep them engaged in providing our customers with a superior travel experience.
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Monarch wants to be a ‘good neighbour’ in the communities in which it operates and we continuously strive to ensure that our performance contributes to their sustainability.
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